Sai Kaew Beach Pattaya

Not the same beach on the beautiful island of Koh Samet, but beautiful in it’s own right all the same.

It’s located in between Pattaya and Sattahip on a Thai Naval Training base.

To reach the beach you need to take a baht bus/song taew over the mountain to the beach. It’s 60baht for foreigners, 30baht for Thais, but you can just have your Thai friend pay for both of you because the “ticket booth” is a little bit away from the baht bus. So you can probably get away with it.

The drive to the baht bus

Loading up the songtaew

Huts on the beach

Grabbing another cold, cheap can of Singha from the icechest

You can even through your own private parties

So…it’s a nice beach. It’s quiet. The food and drink is cheap. Great place to check out on the weekend 😉

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