Lolitas Pattaya – 1st Timer


Awoke to find out the girl was starting her “perioz”. No good, she say is ok if I butterfly. Could be a coy ply for her to take more sexy man. No pompem.

So with that I figured it’s about time I see what’s up with this place on Soi LK. I’ve known about this blowjob bar for over a year, but never ventured to try it. I walk in, all ladies outside offer me a very friendly greeting. I walk by the pool table and take a seat on the sofa. A lady that looks close to thirty sits down with a big smile and introduces herself. She very politely and professionally explains the goings on and asks if I want a drink. Of course, Tiger please.

I’d read before about some sort of 9ball challenge they offer. I found out that you buy 1 game for 100 baht. If you pocket all the balls without a miss then you get a free bj. Sounds cool, but I suck at pool…so I just opt for the service of the house. Small room w/bj = 700baht. Small room w/bj and boomsing = 1000baht. A bigger room maxes out at 1500 w/both. I just take the plain jane bj. I’ve had better blowjobs, but all in all it wasn’t bad. BBJ and CIM. The girl was very nice and accommodating. Also very enthusiastic. Name was On

After that called my friend’s old lady and asked if she was interested in lunch. She wasn’t too hungry, but would tag along. I wanted to go to Jomtien as I rarely ever go there. I was going to eat then try to get lost and find some good bars. Instead I ended up stuffed and beat, so I just went back to loom.

In loom I phoned the little cherry from the Cherry Bar to see if she was up for some fun. She was down and came over after shower. I just wanted to eat, drink, and fuck…but was also bored of just staying loom. So went around the corner for a bit to watch Hancock with Will Smith. It was ok I guess. Something to do for an hour and a half. So back to the hotel with a bit of street food. Straight to business after that. She’d forgot to take her pill for the day so I had to acquire a week worth of rubbers for the night and next day.

Hit up Slices Pizza right down the way around 4am for a snack and met one of the few other Americans kickin around Pattaya…in tow with a cute 7ft tall ladyboy. I bid him farewell and went back to work in the room.


This is about all I’ve done all day…

I’m writing this in bed about to take a stroll down Soi Bukhao for the night…holla

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