Trip 4, July 15 – Finishing Act

Finale of JUNE 15

So, I didn’t hang out in Soi Bukhao. Instead I headed out looking over 2nd rd and finally made my way to Walking St. Not too much going on…made my way to the Hot Tuna bar to play pool for a bit. Hung out for awhile with a tall chicks with nice tits…not a ladyboy though. Wasn’t trying to fuck though, but thought about it.

After that walked to the Kitten Club to say hi to the manager and a few others. Played some pool and left soon after. Apparently most of the “kittens” were barfined and they had to bring over ladyboys from obsessions to make up the difference.

Then walked down 2nd rd to hotel and noticed a quiet beer bar that still had music, ladies, and a table. Hung out for about an hour and went back to the hotel.

On the way I stopped at “Tatoo” I guess to play some pool…was having fun…checked bin, accidentally handed over an extra 1000 bill. I had giver her change so that I would only get back a 500 baht bill…she concluded since I had accidentally handed over the thousand that I should tip her the 500 baht. I quickly let her know that that was fucking retarded and her colleague agreed. I was ready to go down for that one…

Changed shirts and headed for the Insomnia club…ROFL it looked like a cross between a meathead and VFW convention. Seriously….it was packed beyond recognition with cool guy McGees and chicks who couldn’t get picked up from their job. I made one loop and had about 13 propositions, but just wasn’t feeling the “vibe” <- (quoted loosely) Ended up trying to take the "path less taken" back to Soi Diana, but ended up getting horribly lost on 3rd rd and had to take a motorbike taxi back after about an hour of walking. By the way...if any of you guys knows who makes the Asus EeePc, could you carbomb his house?...I'd pay you

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