Surf, Suds, and Sex at Hopf Brew House in Pattaya, Thailand

Night of the 21st

I ended up going out around 10:15 pm. First order of business was to have a few drinks. Basically all I did was go to some known bars and drink copiously.

Ended up in a beer bar complex on 2nd load. Took a chick from there and didn’t even fuck that night. Ended up just passing out.


Woke up with the girl and wanted to go back to sleep. She want boomboom. At first I was gonna let her leave because I felt like shit. Then…I thought long and hard about the guys busting their asses back in their home to save up for the LOS trip and realized that I had to fuck this girl. If not for me, for them.

After I call a friend to see if she wants to grab a bite with me. Of course, she does…Thai girl…free food…c’mon.

Got me a bit of a haircut first…same same army.

I walk down to the beach and wait for her near Soi 11. I have a coconut on the beach to rejuvenate and try to get rid of the hangover.

Once she arrives we walk down to the Hopf Brewhouse on the corner of Soi Yamato and Beach rd. I really like this place, always good food and service. The house brew’s decent.

After that said bye and headed to Megabreak near my hotel for an hour to cool off. Now stay hotel and about to head out to sow the oats.

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