Pattaya Darkside


Met the gentleman whose house we’d be renting for a bit at the Marriott. The house is off Sukhumvit on Khao/Khoa Talo rd over on the Darkside. In the Baan Anda complex. Ended up being nicer than I thought it would be. Later that night we went to Carrefour to stock up on food and alcohol.

Here’s some food the wench cooked up for me

Some pics of the house…

AUGUST 7 – Woke up to some tasty spaghetti that Itishot had cooked up. Later he got up the courage to drive our truck around for a look.

While out we discovered a warehouse that sells beer at wholesale prices…score. Spent the rest of the day being lazy in the pool, drinking, and eating.

Some soup made by lady, okonomiyaki (sort of) made by me

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