The Ladyboy That Got Away

June 25, 2009

Ok, so I wake up alone and late. Not a bad thing though…I had the entire bed to myself and I’m not at work.

I don’t really have any plans for my last day/night in BKK, so I figure I’ll just play it by ear. I finally get dressed and out of bed around 2pm and head down to the Western Union to collect some cash. I’d phoned my bank the night before so I knew it’d be ready for me. I had forgotten my PIN to my cash card and tried it too many times, so my bank canceled it. Wouldn’t have mattered though as my bank cannot give out my PIN to me. The only thing they can do is send me a new card and PIN. Either way I needed a new card.

So when I get my money I seek out an Indian restaurant I know is nearby. I forget its name, but it’s somewhere near soi 7 on Sukhumvit. It’s pretty good I think and while there I get a number from Nong the Cupidy girl I’d met on my first night. She asked if I wanted to see her later on in the night, but I didn’t want to make plans that far ahead. We decided she should come by after I finished lunch. So she did and stayed for maybe 2 hours before going off to work. I watched some tv and lazed around a bit.

We both had girls from Goldie’s to meet at 8pm. This was going to be my original and only booking with Goldie, but at the last minute I went with the duo the day before. Once again I was disappointed that my chosen girl wasn’t available, but Goldie’s husband was sure I would like Sophie. He claimed she’d be good on a dinner date because she was tall and classy. Ok, we’ll see. Dinner was reserved at 9pm at the Bed Supper Club. I’d read about it before and always wanted to try it. Well, both girls were late again (seeing a pattern?) and we didn’t get a lot of time to fool around before dinner. My friend’s girl was one from before, but he had gotten her number and was only seeing her for 2 hours as far as the agency was concerned. That story is another tr on its own. She ended up introducing him to a non-p4p girl and he had them both…not at the same time, but I think they had to keep it hush hush.

Anyway, Sophie turns out to be a little less glamorous than on the site and described by the bossman. She was tall and had a great set of tits, but she was from Isaan and had broken English. Her skin was darker than the site showed and she was a bit ghetto. On to the Supper club and to dinner. This place is pretty cool. They do a running act that gets the audience involved. It’s a spy-type game where you have to figure out clues along the way. The dinner is a 3 course meal with a few addons. I can’t remember the exact meal I had, but everything they served was delicious. I highly recommend it. There is also a club next door that I never got to see.

I was supposed to meet Rose’s sister (Rose was my friend’s girl from the agency) after dinner in the club. Supposedly she had just came back from studying in London. I was pretty pumped for that. So I took Sophie back after dinner to get my money’s worth out of her ass. During dinner she ate like a hog and acted like a baby when the waitress brought out the wrong dessert. I was embarassed and just wanted to get a nut and kick her out. We went back to the hotel and did our thing. Nothing to brag about. She had nice tits and was decent in bed, but what gogo girl isn’t? We were both tired after and had a bit of a nap when we were done. My phone was out so I ran downstairs for a sec and grabbed some top up. When I came back she was still passed out and had even farted…it was fucking gross. I told her to get up and get out. Not really mean-like, but I let her know she needed to leave.

I got a call from my friend who said Rosie had met her friend she’d introduced to him before, so he didn’t want to hang out with them (there was drama ensuing). Too bad because he’d said her sister was pretty hot.

So with the Supper club out we walked down to soi Cowboy and decided to hop in a few gogos. We only stopped in 2 by the time they started shutting down. They weren’t anything to write home about. I got a message from my old friend “J” saying that she was at Spice club under the Ambassador hotel. We went in and received the free drink and headed to the bar. My friend actually brought the girl working the front door with him.

We drank a bit and I saw J and told her I’d come talk with her and her friends a bit. We received a lot of attention because the girl from the front was kin to the manager and I was sitting with her. All this meant is that we ended up paying for a few extra drinks 🙁

I left my buddy to the sharks and went to talk to J who had 2 friends in tow 1 of which was extreeemely drunk. We hung out, met back up with my wingman, and also met a gent from Seattle who was down for some drinking. Spice was closing a bit early because the cops had been stopping by. I think that’s what it was, but wasn’t sure. It was going to close at 3am. We all agreed to find another after hours joint and continue the party. The girls had one in mind, but the taxi guys claimed it was closed and of course had a “great” one for us to try.

The girls didn’t know directions to their original choice so we ended up going with the driver’s suggestion. Which we couldn’t find, then the Seattle guy and his girl dropped out and we headed back to the hotel. Before we got there we had to endure the older lady friend puking into a very convenient bag. We left the cab grossed out and gave the taxi guy a few hundred baht to take her home. After that me and J went to the room and had another pretty good night together. My buddy may or may not have went back out looking for the ladyboy that got away…

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