Stuck In Dubai Then Straight to Pattaya – Trip 2

Second trip to LOS, skipped BKK and headed straight for Patts. Nov 1 – Nov 15

Ended up being a day late, missed my flight in Dubai. Ended up on the other side of town with some hooker from Madagascar. Fuck Dubai.
Next time I’ll just stay my happy ass in the hotel.

I was supposed to meet my brother and a friend at the airport. I had a ride waiting for us at the airport, but none of us caught it. My brother ended up going to the U.S. Embassy because I didn’t show up and he had no clue what to do…it was his first time flying and first time to another country 🙂 I was more worried about him getting lost in the Tokyo airport than me missing my flight. Oh well, sink or swim…he did fine. He had turned 18 a few days earlier.

When I scheduled my trip I had planned on going by myself and staying in Krabi with a Chinese girl (Thai citizen) that I had met earlier. It turns out that 5 other friends would be accompanying me. Needless to say, I never ended up in the islands.

I had the number to one of my buddy’s girlfriends and she was a huge help in getting my brother down to Pattaya and letting him know that I would be meeting him there. The hotel ended up canceling my reservations that I had reserved for us, so I ended up having to get them again.

The on Soi 8 is where we all stayed except for the friend who had an apartment that his Thai gf stayed in. The Sunshine was recommended by a friend and would be recommended by myself as well…it’s a great location. The only thing bad about it was that near a ton of girls that I wanted to take and some that I took. I have a problem with that (taking girls near my hotel)…oh well. Last time I stayed at Sandy Springs on soi 13…a lot quieter area.

So I show up around 9pm and explain what had happened and received all the expected laughing at my dumb ass for missing my flight. From there we eased our way down soi 8 until hopping on a baht bus down to Walking Street for the guys who were new. Our first stop was “Midnight Madness” I believe. It was a nice little starting place where I could get started with the booze while my brother was soaking everything in. The manager bought us a few drinks and seemed like a pretty nice guy. The lady with the snake came by and drove us off…a few of my friends were deathly afraid of it, didn’t seem like too big of a deal…girly men I guess.

We get to WS and head to the , nice looking place with nice music. From there I made sure we hit Lucifer’s so the guys could get a taste of all the freelancers and have fun with all the girls hanging all over us. I knew that the group I was going with liked to spend money, but I had no clue what I was in for. See, my last trip was just me by myself, feeling out the place and relaxing. I blew it out this trip and it made for a totally new experience. I’m glad we did it the way we did, but I couldn’t do it like that every time. After about 1hr in the place we had already bought 7 bottles of champagne and 3 bottles of tequila. We had the VIP treatment everywhere, but of course that costs. We all make decent money and I’m only 24 so I’m not really worried about spending the retirement funds.

I had been dancing with a fine looking “thang” for a bit, she went to the bathroom, but that was too long for me as I was eyeing the girl that was dancing with my brother. I motioned her over; we danced a bit, and bounce after about 5 minutes. Hey…I’m the big brother…it comes with a few perks. She was ready right away…had a tongue ring…and a little body that was driving me crazy. Had a great time in the room and afterwards I told her to grab us some food around 3am. I told her to leave the door open so she could let herself back in. Next thing I know it was about 9am and I was freezing. After rising I realized she was nowhere to be found and the door was still open. WTF? I checked all my belongings and found nothing missing. Had most of the importants in the safe anyways. She had left her purse and had me confused as fuck. We got along great and she didn’t rob me…

Bear with me because I’m writing this TR about 41 days after being back. Not too sure about the day to day events…they’ll probably seem to overlap.

I just took her purse to the lobby as to avoid some late night call when I might be with another girl. Met up with everybody else and found out that my retard friends had gotten into a fight and were kicked out of Lucifer‘s. Nobody was quite sure how everything was started, but it ended up being pretty small in the scope of things that went on during our trip. I showed my bro and a friend from work around Beach and 2nd rd. Took them to BigC and showed them how to use the baht buses. Bought me a phone this time around and it ended up being a huge help…

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