Jomtien After Dark

23 October

Had a pretty bad hangover and didn’t really wake up til around 4pm. From there I just lazed around and thought about just staying in for the night. Then I realized that I can’t be a puss and decided to go out and see what the Jomtien bar scene was all about. I definitely can’t do it justice though because I only hit 3 bars and didn’t get to see much.

The first place I went to was on Soi 8 of Beach rd. It was in the back on the right side…can’t remember the name though. I told them I wanted to play some pool and ordered a drink. About the time the first game was over I saw a lady drink next to mine…wtf? This old hag running bar gave me a big toothless grin and said “Dink for lady” biggrin.gif Uh…I only had one reply which was “Check bin”. They acted all surprised and couldn’t believe I wanted to leave their place. I just said give me my change so I can go. She kept acting like she was sad and wouldn’t give me my change back so I just said ok, no problem…I call 1155 (tourist police – I think). With that she clucked clucked something in Thai and quickly gave me my money back.

Not the best start, but there’s always a bad apple in the bunch. So I went down to Soi 4 I think it was and found another place that caught my eye. Cozy looking, pool table, not many guys…just 1 old dude with his family, and a lot of girls. 1 worth taking, but all of them friendly and not pushy. I had some fun playing pool and drinking. Bought the girls a shot of tequila and headed off to around Soi 1.

Once again, pool table, lots of ladies and booze. More shots for me as well. It was getting late and they closed part of the front down, but told me I could stay as long as I like. I told them I didn’t want them to have any police problems and one lady told me that her husband was Jomtien police…nice. So basically I just got drunk and hung out. Met a couple of punters as well. I went down to the 7-11 and bought some sato and laokhao <-sp for the bar ladies and we all drank until about 5am. I somehow manage to make it back to the room and passed out next to the angry little Thai.

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