The Pattaya Sniffles


Woke up a bit hungover and saw a text from Alien wanting to find some females. I got my live-in up to get some lunch at the hotel restaurant. We shared a big steamed fish and went back to the room. I let her know I’d be out today and I’d call her later. She warned me of no ST, but I let her know that it’s up to me 🙂

Met Alien at a bar across from the PignWhistle, but not before I picked up some meds a few minutes away. We figured the best place to stop for some skeez was soi6. Hit up Bee bar for some laid back pool playing. This place was recommended by my wingman and I can see why. All the ladies knew him and I believe it was mostly carnal knowledge. He introduced me to them and I was their new friend. We kicked it there for awhile playing free pool and picking songs on the bar laptop. Check this out. The owner was called in because the speakers and billing system were having problems. Being a great bar owner, he of course fixed the music for us first.

I was still feeling shitty and not quite ready to fuck. I was sniffling and coughing and down right looking off a bit. We moved along to Betty Boup where we spent some time playing with a couple of naughty nurses. I had already taken my prescribed daily meds now and we figured we’d go to PBG to eat before we went out. I have a feeling I’d started drinking a bit too fast and too early. As we hit WS I could tell I was a bit slow.

First stop was Paris agogo. There were only a few customers including us and there were 2 groups of girls just chatting away with each other while we sat there with our cocks in our hands. It was like Superbaby except with ugly chicks. After that we went to the Windmill Club to use the 2 for 1 ticket that I still had. Not much doing here for me, but Alien had a pretty cute one. I think I was throwing off Alien’s game because I was looking and feeling like a corpse and he’s a sexy beast.

Either way we figured we’d hit some beer bars. The first was absolute trash, but I just wanted to chill and get some water. I ended up giving the lady an extra 100baht when I checked bin. I thought I’d be left with 10baht change. The girl said “oh..thankyu, give tip for me?” I waived it off and was like…ya, of course it’s 10 freakin baht. I had been confused when I checked bin for us and added an extra bill. Instead of being a total ass I figured I’d chalk it up as a lesson to not be a retard and get drunk while on my medicine.

Hit 1 bar in the Simon complex then went to soi7 where I was planning on meeting my steady. Before we made it down the soi Alien was abducted by the entire staff from Anna Jet. I was able to withstand the tractor beam and continued to the Luxor bar. Stayed here for a few drinks and headed back to the room with food and the girl. I was soon almost gone and told the old lady she could go drink or get some ST if she wanted. She thought I was angry, I just said…take some medicine and you’ll know. She was sick as well and obliged herself.

I wake up here and there wondering why it’s so easy to sleep and also why she’s sleeping so soundly. She usually tries to hold onto me, but I can never sleep like that. She’s out like a light. When she wakes up she asks me if I took her clothes off. I say no, later she realizes she did, but forgot. She now understands that I was not angry with her…just fucking beat.

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