Quiet Night In Pattaya


I woke up with a shitty hangover. The nicest day outside since I’ve been in the house and I didn’t even hit the pool. The only thing on the agenda was to meet some board members at the PBG at 7 and go from there. I called the driver, but he had to take his wife to work and couldn’t make it until 7:15. I didnt reach the PBG until 7:45. Missed everybody, but I was hungry so ordered the porkchop meal. I noticed right away that the service girl spoke almost zero English. I ordered a baked potato, but got shitty tasting mashed potatoes instead. I let her know that this was in fact not a baked potato. She simply put on a shit eating grin and said “is”. I’m not a guy to put up a fuss, so I just put it in the memory bank. I took about 4 bites out of the porkchop and was fucking done. It was royal shit. I was disappointed in the absolute zero English and shitty chop. I checked bin to the amazement of the server girl.

Already on a bad foot for the night I walked down WS then down soi 16 and back to 2nd rd. Took a baht bus to soi 8 where I played pool until heading to soi 7 to play the mamasan in pool at the Luxor bar. Then picked up the little lady, got some food, stopped at 7/11 (they won’t sell whiskey between 12am-11am). All in all it’s not too much to bitch about, but I’m so used to having a good time in Patts it’s the little things that put me off. Writing this TR with a Tiger and getting ready to take out my frustrations on the 4’10” 39kg longtime girl.

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