Ice Bar Pattaya

It’s been a long time coming for this review, but since I wasn’t too drunk tonight and was going home early I decided to check out the , or the -5 Ice Bar in the Amari Nova Suites since I had my camera on me and it’s on the way to my room…maybe 80meters away actually. Parked my bike and headed off to start my review…not for me to have anymore drinks mind you, but only for the sake of my viewers. Mighty white of me yeah?

Ice Bar PattayaMenu (This menu is technically only available outside of the “Ice Bar” and only in the “Lounge”

Ice Bar Pattaya

Inside the “Ice Lounge”

Ice Bar Pattaya

Ice Bar Pattaya

Inside the actual “Ice Bar”. It was red at the moment, but constantly changes colors.

Ice Bar Pattaya

Ok, so the prices range from about 160-220 for cocktails. All the shooters are 190baht. They sell bottles as well.

Inside the actual “Ice Bar” they only sell vodka shots, sponsored by Absolut. The do have a daily special on shots inside the “Ice Bar”. From 6-10 you can pay 375baht and drink all the vodka you can for 20 minutes. After 10pm it goes up to 500baht.

There are 8 different shots available inside the actual “Ice Bar”.

The first thing I asked was what shots did they have that were only available in their place. They said they didn’t have any original shots, but they had some original cocktails that they served. I picked out a kamikaze ( I like them) and ordered a few shots I haven’t tried yet. Here are the drinks I ordered…I was here about 20 minutes:

1. Kamikaze
2. Vanilla bubble gum
3. B69
4. Cherry bomb
5. Redzone

*It’s not shown, but I showed them a new cocktail with absinthe. It’s called a “madonna”. 1 part absinthe, 2 parts orange juice, and .5 parts grenadine. They mixed it for me and it tasted great. Ask them for it when you go there…they may remember, I put on quite a show while there. I told them they should put in on their menu, maybe they will eventually…they all said they liked it. It’s much better than the traditional absinthe drink.*

Ice Bar Pattaya

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