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I’ve got to admit, my memory from day to day hasn’t been too sharp lately. I’ve just stopped taking mental notes and don’t really make it a priority to post after each day since I’ve already lived up to the obligated “2 months day by day”.

I only say this because when I do want to update the TR my mind goes blank and the memories of past nights are intertwined in a repeating flash of alcohol, tits, ass, broken Engrish, and food. 2 night before was rightsaid’s going away/mamasan’s bday party. I showed up with my friend J in tow…yes, still with the same lady. It started with her wanting to stay for a week, discount of course. It worked fine for me and I actually get along with her a lot. She’s probably the coolest dancing girl I’ve met over here. I can ST if needed, but usually I’m so lazy and a bit sexed out I’d just rather hang out anyways.

So, TQ2. I’ve gotta say they’ve got the best music I’ve heard in any place so far. I wouldn’t go for the girls as I haven’t seen one that I liked too much, but it’s a really good place to hang out at and I like that rightsaid is pretty mellow…when he’s not hammered of course. Basically this was the only reason I went out that night and I had a good time. Capdagde was going to sing in FLB later and J wanted to see a friend of hers. I needed a change of scenery so it was decided Cap would call when he reached FLB w/pretty Ploy.

The friend was a very queenish gay dude that worked as the cashier in both Galaxy and Polo. No way in hell was I going into Galaxy so we took a set near the stage in Polo. I’ve gotta say though that I’d never step foot in Galaxy (*I guess we know now that’s not true*) again, I have had a good time there one night. A friend of a friend from Jordan dropped in and really liked Russian girls. So we of course went to Galaxy. It’s a total rip off joint, but we still had a good time…never…again.

Polo’s not as expensive, but still expensive. We both babysitted a drink before the text came announcing the show at FLB. If you’re into Thai women with nice, big, juicy, ass and titties…Polo’s for you. Now, I’m into that too, but it’s probably too expensive for my taste. They had a fire lady show as well…it was ok.

On a side note, a friend told me that a few years ago in some upstairs gogo somewhere in Pattaya, that 2 girls did a show where they made out, poured liquid all over themselves and then set each other on fire. I’d pay to see that once.

Ok, so we head off to FLB and watch Cap sing a few. Great singer. He included “Achey Breaky Heart” in his lineup (I guess it’s bigger in France than here… 😛 ). Stayed for a good bit, met another board member who I can’t recall the name of and pretty much got drunk. We leave to head home and I decide I’ve gotta see this place everyone’s always going on about. Pretty good

From what I saw it’s just like Windmill (which I like) except that it’s bigger, has 1 less sex show, and has way better looking girls. One thing about the girls I noticed though is that at least 3-5 have got to be on something…hint hint. They were fucking nuts, dancing everywhere on top of everything and everybody. I just don’t see how they have natural energy like that. No complaints here though, I say dole the goods out at every gogo for a better show.

I had fun with a lady in tow and so did she. If I would’ve been alone I’d have to have taken one upstairs. I’m sure the owner is doing very well with that one. I don’t think I’ve read one complaint about the place yet. I usually think every place is the shit after I’m tanked near the end of the night.

Then to Soi Buakhao for food before retiring to Soi Xzyte/Chaiyapoon.

Last night went out with Cap, his girl, my girl, and Yogiballs. I met Cap at Sam’s cocktail place. I believe his is the most original one in town at the moment…and he’s the perfect boss for it.

After watching Cap buy a years worth of cds we took the epic 9 step pilgrimage to Champagne. Hadn’t been there in a year and I think it looks a lot nicer than last time I was there. We took a seat and ordered our happy hour drinks. Since it was happy hour I decided to splurge on vodka/ojs. Not too impressed with the ladies or their dancing (the mamasan could get the dick though), but I didn’t care…was just out for a relaxing evening. Had a chat with a Russian guy next to me while Yogi showed up and joined the group. The Russian guy smoked like a chimney, had gotten in that night, had 12 bottles of beer, and seemed like he was up for a beach rd jog. They must throw ’em back like crazy there in Fedor’s stomping grounds.

We head out to Hotties Club for the good band and good pool. As usual whenever I pump a place up before I bring somebody along it just isn’t the same. I think everybody still enjoyed it, but the guest singing was taken over by an old lady who had some pretty beastly pipes. She did pretty good. She was accompanied by a group of older people who I believe were all staying at the “Choy Sow” Chinese place across from Canterbury Tales. I’m not sure of the name, but the owner seemed like a decent chap, which reminds me I was supposed to look at his rooms today for possible future visits. I played a bit of pool and got waxed by the owner Chris…he’s good, go find out. Yogi found him a cutie, but decided to move on as the night was young. I checked my bin of 800 bahts worth of mekhong/soda along with a couple of J drinks, and off we went to Kiss food with Big A and P.

Kiss food was pretty decent (not the coldest beer though). I was warned by the server that my meal was too hot, but that was kinda the point. Finished the food with a bit of a sweat, nothing a Singha couldn’t cure, and caught a baht bus courtesy of Mr. Cap to Soi Chaiyapoon. It was on the way to Cap’s place, so we hopped off and said goodbye.

Writing this now in bed about 3:50 pm. Been lazy a bit today. Woke up around 7am, played on the nerd-box, found me a new support guy for a website of mine. He’s amazing with php and about as fast as you’d like for turnaround time. PM if you need any php issues taken care of. Also found out what the “fierce chicken” is on Nutch’s menu. It’s just yellow curry chicken and it’s tasty. Oh, and the beers in that place are always perfectly chilled. May or may not go out tonight. Not really feeling like anything different, a bj bar would be nice though. I’ll leave that up to the boys, I’m pretty much happy anywhere I go while here.

I have a few pics, but my laptop is being a shithead at the moment and not reading my SD card. In due time gents.

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