Operation Undercover Farang


This trip has been a much needed break from the wary and monotonous existance that is Afghanistan. This is a covert mission that was not sanctioned from above. The author is in Thailand on his own regegade operation. Basically…he should be at work.

The journey has been rough taking the protagonist through the finacially treacherous land that is Qatar before hitting the LZ in Bangkok.

June 23, 2009 0658 hours

Me and a friend from work got into bangkok right before 7am after switching our flights to get the fuck out of Qatar ASAP. It’s his first time in Thailand and my 6th trip to LOS.

I knew from the beginning that this trip would be a 2 week millionaire affair. I’d already booked pricey hotels in both BKK and Patts and also booked 2 ladies for the 24th. However, new job now making twice the amount I was in my last desert gig.

First, I really only need aircon, fridge, and bed. Second, I’ve never booked an escort. There’s really no need to in Thailand, but my friend had no clue what he was doing and thought he wanted a high class girl to have on his arm…up to him. I figured fuck it, I’ll see what these overpriced girls have to offer.

That was not starting until the 24th, so my first day was just going to be my regular joe relax and have fun day. My friend went ahead and checked into the S15 hotel on Sukhumvit and corner of soi 15. I called in a reservation to the Honey Hotel on soi 19 where rooms start around 800 baht. I also had a number from an old friend I met in a club on my first trip. I wasn’t sure if she’d want to hang out because I’d seen her picture from MSN with a guy and a friend of hers had commented on how good she looked with her boyfriend. I would find out soon enough.

So I give my friend my number and wish him luck while I go to check into my hotel. He calls a few times to get his bearings and figure out what we’d like to do. I sent a few texts to my old friend we’ll call “J” and set up a meet around 9pm.

First thing’s first is to dust off the cobwebs and get the dick wet. My friend wanted to try out “those places where the girls are in the fishbowl”…oh…a soapy? Ok, sure…I fancy one of those every once in a while myself. He’d read good reviews about a place called Cupidy. Supposedly it had the “superstars” and “sidegirls” <-- not sure what the last one's really called. I had a feeling it would be overpriced and I was right. Before going to I wanted to show him a Lolitas. I'd never been to the one in BKK, but have tried the Pattaya joint a few times. A quick look at the map on the site and off we go. I missed the sign the first time and we ended up all the way down soi 8. I told him we missed it and should walk back. Our friendly neighborhood taxi man was there to help though. He assured my friend that he knew where it was, we couldn't walk there, and would take us there for "good price". I smiled and told my friend, "Listen, this guy will rip off and you're making your first mistake. This will be your first lesson". Ok he says, you're paying I say. We jump in go about half way down the soi when I catch a glimpse of the sign. I tell the taxi to stop. I hop out to verify, come back to let my friend know I found it, and he's already paying this taxi guy. I scold him, but he says the taxi guy knows a better one that is bigger. I try to tell him that the guy's getting a commission for taking us there, but my words fall on deaf ears. I tell him this will be lesson 2 for you. By the way, he coughed up 1000 baht for this taxi ride. I told him he was retarted and should never do that again. (but I got a free taxi ride 馃檪 ) We were taken to Cupidy, which is the soapy all the touts try to push on you as you walk down Sukhumvit. We go in, sit down, and order a drink. Basically this place is just like the ones in Pattaya except more expensive. The "superstar" girls are the same looking as the regular girls, but we're assured that they are younger and have "stronger bodies". Whatever, I pick one with a nice smile, perfect teeth, and a nice set on her. The Thai guy working there asks if I want to wait until my friend finds one for himself. No thanks I say...I'd rather hang out with my new friend 馃槢 So I go the the front desk to pay for my one black/soda and girl and the total is 4900 baht. Yep, not a typo. Fuck it I say (this happens a lot this trip), pay the bar and go upstairs. Good massage, good in bed. And she really tries to get a second pop out of me, but we both give up and just relax a bit. She tells me that she gets 800 baht out of the deal and me, being the nice man that I am, tell her that she could just meet me outside of work and do a bit better for herself. She's happy, gives number and we part ways. I wait downstairs for my man and he comes down with 2 girls and a big shit-eating grin on his face. We head back to our hotels from there and I get ready to meet J again. She shows up and looks just like when I met her (Spice club under Ambassador hotel soi 11). She makes fun of me because I'm a fatass now. We hang out in the room for a bit and head to RCA. RCA is a little area of clubs frequented by young Thais and such. We headed into Slim club and went upstairs to chill. I bought a bottle of JW black and set to work. Her boyfriend has went away to the Philippines to play poker and she wants to play a bit of poker as well. She also says they're pretty much broken up though, so I don't feel like such an asshole. RCA Staff [caption id="" align="alignnone" width="500" caption="RCA Bangkok"][/caption]

We make it back to the room and pick up where we left off. She’s up for anything in bed and plus she’s fun to hang around because she’s very laid back and likes to suck dick. That’s my kind of people.

I crash out as a happy man, not at work and back in funland.

I have pics, but didn’t bring my usb cable and the new lappy doesn’t take sd cards. I’ll drop into Tuk.Com and grab a usb cable later.

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