Cobra Blood Tastes Like Shit

So after a day touring around Ayutthaya we decided to find some place that serves cobra blood and meat.

After an hour of searching and following directions that turned up cold we eventually found a restaurant that had cobra. They also had mongoose…go figure.

I got to pick out the cobra I wanted and then they did the business. After about 10 minutes from the killing my warm glass of cobra blood turned up. They mix it with lao khao (Thai rice whiskey) which tastes like shit just by itself, so when you mix it with cobra blood it really tastes like shit.

I planned on doing the whole glass in 1 shot, but pussed out. I think because of the shock of how nasty it was. If I ever have a chance to do it again I’ll definitely just knock it back, but I wasn’t ready for this. The fact that the drink is warm doesn’t help at all, plus it was like 90degrees outside.

After I drank it they brought out the cobra meat a bit later. They had ground it up, which I was a bit disappointed with. I wanted bigger chunks to chew on. They also made it way over the top spicy. Seriously…I could count like 4 chopped up peppers in the plate they gave me. Along with the plate was a huge bag of the rest of the meat. It doesn’t taste bad, but it’s tough to tell when it’s so spicy.

When I returned to Pattaya I dropped the rest of the meat off with a friend with a bar who gave it to his girls to try, but didn’t tell them what it was. Of course they all loved it up until the point where he told them what it was, then it didn’t taste good to them anymore.

As far as the effects go I can’t really be too sure. Later that evening we went to Walking St and ended up totally shitfaced. Before I got too drunk though I really felt strong and had a weird urge to do some long distance swimming…seriously…I know that’s weird. It could be from the alcohol as well, or maybe just a placebo effect. Whatever it was though it made me feel really good.

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