JUNE 13 – Woke up to some of this

Told her I’d drop by her bar later in the evening.

Went to eat at Bob’s BBQ. Ate about half a cow and drank a few Tiger. Then started walking around as usual.

Got close to Soi2 and realized I needed a chower so decided to stop in at the Sabai Dee Massage for a soapy. It was 2000 baht all inclusive so no need for a tip. The girls name was Pang and had an ass that would make any sista jealous.

Then just hit up a few beer bars for a few drinks. Hung around the beer bars for awhile until strolling over to the GFE’s bar. Most of the time only consuming bottled water and a bit proud of myself.

Picked her up and went to grab a spread of street food. Had some Tiger in the fridge and ready to chill. Picked up all of this plus an extra plate of pad Thai that wouldn’t fit on the tray for 210 baht.

Pigged out, hit the hay.

I’ll update the next 2 days soon. Mild from the Cherry Bar is waiting in loom now.

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