Partying With The Thais

20 October

Today I am supposed to meet a Thai friend who had family in town and wants to cook for me at his house. I pretty much just sit in my room all day until about the time he can come to pick me up which is 6pm. I brought a bottle of Johnny Walker gold ’cause I know they love their whiskey. It goes over well and all the dudes there take turns looking at the bottle for 5 minutes. The food is too much as it always is at his house. He tells me most of the others have already eaten, so don’t be afraid to eat a lot. I wish I hadn’t eaten earlier in the day because I really wasn’t that hungry. They had grilled shrimp, big boiling fish in fish plate, big grilled fish, squid, mussels, raw shrimp w/pepper sauce and garlic, and fruit for dessert.

I ate a little bit here and there to make it look like I was into it, but mostly stuck with helping them polish off the bottle of whiskey. Well, after the bottle was gone we thought it might be a good idea to head into town to show 2 guys who’d never been to Pattaya Walking Street. One of them was this guys 15 year old nephew. To make it easier let’s just say my friend is Joe. His friend is Mike, and the young guy is Tom.

We went straight to the Kitten Club because I had see the manager, Chicken. I bought a few shots (water for the youngin) and Chicken bought me another drink. Joe wasn’t liking the lady boys too much, so we finished drinks and left. Next stop was some bar on the left in the Shark complex. This place kinda sucked as well, so 1 drink and we left. Then over to the Polo club so they could see some white women shaking their tits. Whoops, no joy here…they don’t let Thais in. Ok…I’ve got the perfect place for them. Xzone!

Once there we turned in our 2 for 1 coupons and settled in a big booth. My main priority was getting a chick to talk to Tom. He was extremely shy…I’m sure this was all a shock to him. Mike was shy as well. Joe was having a good time with one of the girls in his lap and playing with her tits…the others weren’t quite sure what to do. Eventually Mike opened up a little bit and started talking to one.

I just went and played a bit of pool and watched the girls do their thing. They eventually came over there to play pool. I just said if you guys just want to drink and play pool then let’s go to Soi 8 and play there. Apparently that’s all they wanted to do, so we left. We showed up at Chalaos bar and stayed for about 2 hours before I just had to go. Took a motorbike taxi back to the condo and passed out. Another day in the books.

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