Bang Chang

Went on a Baan Chang crawl about 20 men deep. I received a phone call the night before with an offer to go to Cambodia, but I already had my extension and already missed an earlier BC crawl. We showed up on the single strip with bars on one side of the street. We were told to meet back at a certain time and then we all split up. I went straight to a restaurant. Can’t remember the name, but it had one of the best burgers I’ve ever had in Pattaya. After that I walked in just about every bar on the strip. Talked to the girls and shot pool while working on a buzz. Eventually a girl I was playing pool with told me I was going to take her to her room and fuck her after the game…ok by me I guess. Her friend wanted to come along also, but I wanted to get the first nut of the day off with just 1 lady and go back for more later.

We go to loom (went to the room…I realize that some don’t like the retard/bargurl talk in my posts and I understand) upstairs where she lived. Showered and then started to mess around. She was very happy about posing for a few pics before we got started. By the 3rd position she was slapping and scratching my back screaming at me to fuck her hard. All the while I was pulling her hair and choking her also. Her enthusiasm was just what I needed to finish the deed. 500baht later I was out the door looking for more. Little did I know how much time I had been wasting. I had 30 minutes left to get my 3some in…not happening.

I grab another few drinks while I have time and rush through as much flirting and groping as I could before we had to leave. We left at 9pm and this was the time when the girls were really getting into rut. Lots of fun at this place and I might be back for more before the trip is up.

Checked out Xzyte for the first time (same night by the way 馃槈 ). Big stage with a show and lots of little tables to sit and drink your Johnnie Walker and soda. That’s the SOP at least. Lots of Good looking Thai girls, many with Thai guys. It was ok, but I prefer Hollywood which is similar.

Went to Koh Larn the other day and rented a motorbike. This was my first time ever to ride a motorbike and I wasn’t too sure. After a lesson from my lbfm (um…that’s “little brown fucking machine” for you fucking newbs) friend it seemed easy enough. My first start was going downhill from the steps to the viewing point. Right from the start I thought I had made a mistake. It didn’t take long to get the hang of it though. The steering felt a bit weird to me, but I had a lot of fun. I would never drive around Pattaya on one though…not yet at least.

Other than that I’ve only been out a few times to catch a movie and eat some of the great tasting and cheap food that Soi Buakhao has to offer. Here’s a few pics

tip box at the dentist office…can you say leech much?

Best part of getting up early is that you get to see all the winners out there

Drunk Guy

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