Pattaya – First Soi 6 Trip


So I woke up pretty early after a good nights sleep. Showered and got some pool action going. The only real plan was to get to the Cherry Bar 2 to throw down some baht for the baht bus on Friday. Also, running solo now, I wanted to see what was up with this little place they call soi6. While at the house I sent a message to a gogo girl I wanted to see again for ST. She recommended we meet at the Full Love Inn across from 3rd rd. After doing some googling and finding the location I let her know we’d meet around 3.

I called the driver and was told he could make it around 2pm, so I waited about an hour checking email and shit. While doing so I found a message from a Thai girl from BKK on ThaiFriends. She said she was in Pattaya for a few days visiting her mother and we should hang out. Shot her my mobile for something later maybe. The driver shows up and is directed to go straight to Soi 6…on the way I let the gogo girl know I’d be a bit late.

I wanted to make it quick so not to be late. Told driver to meet me in 45mins-an hour. So off I go down the Soi to see what’s for lunch. I can really see why guys like this place so much. Lots of cuties and lots of “cum my bar sexy man”. After about 3/4 of the way down I saw a few I liked at the Red Point Bar. I step in and have a seat on the couch. The girl I was checking out came in behind me and starts loveing me up a bit. After a couple of drinks I tell her time to go upstairs. So far I only knew that the room was 300 baht…I found out later I should have negotiated the price first. Her name’s Jep.

I figured it wouldn’t take much as I hadn’t caught a nut for a little over 24hrs and was horny as fuck. Took a shower, laid in bed and played a bit of a diddle on the pussy to wetten it up real good. Then got some bbbj action for about 10 mins. Then she whips out the KY and lubes up the holes and we get down to business. I really wanted to do some pounding for my first Soi 6 trip, but couldn’t last past 10 mins. After busting I still fucked for a bit longer then flipped her over and prepared for doggy poundage. See caught site of the rubber and I was busted.

I fessed up and figured what the hell, I needed to see the other girl anyways. I showered up and started getting dressed. Received a message from the gogo girl letting me know what room she’d be in. I called her and told her I’d be there in a few. I whipped out 500baht for the Soi6 girl and she was a bit disappointed. She let me know that 700 was the norm in her bar. I was thinking she was full of shit, but hey…no sense in arguing. I should have negotiated before we went up. She said next time I could fuck her ass to get more for my money. Fair enough.

Called the driver and had him drop me off at the Full Love Inn. Rates are 280baht for 3hrs. Rooms are big and clean and the shower is huge. Apparently they have different themed rooms too. So me and the lovely Kung catch up on old times. She’s 31, but has one of the tighter bodies I’ve seen in Pattaya. She’s thin, nice perky tits, and a very grabable ass. We chill out on the bed and go at it for awhile. She’s very good in bed and was shaking everywhere by the time we were done. I would actually think of taking her for a few days…but not this trip I think. We’ll see.

I wanted to stay for the full 3hrs, but had to head to CB2 to meet a few board members. I immediately recognized the hansum man they call Hairloss…not from the lack of hair, but from sheer sexiness. I also met Bruiser, Alien, and another gentlemen…the name slips my mind. After a few drinks I decided to head off to Walking St, but learned that they were going to Noi’s bar and then to FLB later. I figured I’d do the same. We stood outside a bit talking and decided we’d meet at the Beer Garden later the next night. I called the driver and told him to meet me in 20mins on Beach rd. I stopped in at the Kitten Club for 2 for 1 happy hour and had a couple while waiting.

He showed up and we were off to the Darkside. Unfortunately a few didn’t show due to the downpour, but I still had fun meeting Kolobos and playing pool with Beer. I was too drunk to remember much of Noi’s the last time I was there, but made sure to take it all in this time around. Great music, good people, good service, food available, very cheap drinks and the biggest B52s in town. I can see why a lot of the expats like this place.

Noi’s action

After about an hour I called up the driver and was ready to go back to town for a bit. Also, I was going to bring back the steady to the house later that night. The story was that she woke up too late for the bus to Nong Khai so she didn’t go to see her mother…sounded fishy, but whatever. The driver took me to Soi 6 again so I could enjoy more of the delights that this wonderful soi had to offer. This time a nice lady at the My Friend You bar offered me the cover of her umbrella and I decided to stop in since I’d heard the bar mentioned a few times.

I sat on the couch and got to know Taa a little bit. This time I made sure that the fee would be 500baht. She wanted 700, but was easily swayed. Upstairs we go to shower and have a go. Long good blowjob, big tits, and she liked to have fun. After an hour of raunchy soi 6 action I tuckered out and figured I’d move along. Hopped a baht bus down to Walking St to see what was up at the FLB.

It’s been awhile since I’ve been there, so I decided to go again once I’d found out that the crazy Ming was no longer working. It was really laid back and nice and cool inside. I had a few drinks while talking with the service girl. One of the hostesses butted in a bit, but I had a good time. Hung out with Hairloss some more then called up my longtime and told her to meet me on WS. We met up and decided to check out some gogos. She recommended Heavens Above. Looked kinda cool inside, but girls doing the BKK shuffe, pricey drinks, and girls about the same as Sois 7/8. Left after 1 drink, but did see a few pairs of really great tits. Then I took us to the Windmill Club to let her see some raunch. A lot of really old dudes playing with a lot of young naked Thai chicks. The place is pretty sleazy, but I love that shit.

After WS we called the driver to go home. Picked up a ton of Thai food that I’m still eating on and headed to the house. Sat around drinking with the driver for awhile, he left and I hit the sack.

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