TR 6 – Part 3

August 26, 2009

Ok…let’s catch up a little here.

Once again, ate at the nice Korean place next to my hotel. My friend wanted to see so we went to see what it was all about.

K-rean Joint


I’ve never read much good about the place on the net, but kinda hard to tell if you’ve never been before yourself. We mainly just wanted to see what sort of shopping was going on. I’d told kslay about the scams associated with the area and how they like to get you upstairs then hit you with a huge bill.

First we just looked around the different shops. All fake shit, but lots to choose from. I bought a good looking Breitling for 1500baht. I’ve gotten a fake Rolex in Patts before for 400, but the Breitling looked a hell of a lot better. Starting price was 2800, so I might have done ok…not sure. After a bit of shopping we finally dared to check out a bar.

The first 2 were King’s Castle 1 and 2. Both places were shitty as far as the girls went. The ripoffs were not there though. They actually made you sign your bill each time a drink was ordered. Not bad…prices were about like any other gogo in town. We did sit down with 2 girls in the second bar and had a little fun taking some tequila shots.

Before we left we wanted to check out a little pool hall/bar upstairs next to some gogos. The girls were dressed in pink skirts and had cute outfits. Once upstairs most customers ended up clearing out and it was just us and the girls playing pool. They spoke good english and were both cute. They looked like uni girls and I guess one of them was. I asked them if they wanted to go to RCA and 1 was down, but the other said she had school in the morning. No prob, we said bye to both of them and went back to the hotel. There we freshened up and met the dude working at the hotel to go to RCA with.

We hit RCA and went to . There we got a small table near the DJ both and ordered a bottle of whiskey. After an hour of hanging out and drinking we eyed up a couple of girls next to us for some fun. Another hour passed of hanging out, drinking, and dancing before we decided to move on down to . This was my first time in Route66 and from what I can remember was another fun place. It was here that began to lose the ‘ole memory and waste my last night in BKK away.

From what I gathered from kslay, I had brought both girls from Slim over to Route66 with us. I got a bit drunk and wanted to lose the 2 hotties for a ST at the Thai beerbar. So we headed there and eventually I passed out on the couch and had to be loaded back up and taken back to the hotel in the wee hours of the morning. Way to be a dumbass. Not only did I screw it up with a couple of uni girls, I didn’t even fuck on my last night in BKK.

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