Too Much Drinky = ByeBye Wallet


Um…let me see. Boned the chick from Cherry bar all day. Let her know that there was to be no more LT’s for me. Later that night I went to the Welkom Inn on Soi 2 to inquire about a vacancy. Lucky for me they had one for my time frame. Curious though, they quoted me 1000 baht per day and a 1000 deposit. (site claims 700 per day)

Happy I found new accommodations I saunter back to the frienly Soi 2 bars and proceed to intoxicate myself. I later find out that it’s my friend Beau, Bo, Po’s birthday…not shua name. He’s at the Classroom 2 agogo. So I go there and buy him a few drinks…he was fucking smashed. He probably bought me more drinks than I bought him. I also found out that the cute light skinned thai girl that I was thinking of boning last trip was his wife and not his sister…sheesh. I also talked with the manager a bit and found out he would hook me up with a visa run. Just me and him drinking beer to the border. I not having to even cross the border…and hopefully a shag somewhere in between. He says that border runs our the only time he gets to see a certain mistress of his.

I eventually try to catch the last few dances of the Oasis girls on Soi Buakhao. I miss it by a few minutes and walk around drinking and talking to any ladyboy I can… 😛 I finish the night back in the hotel.


Woken up by the phone from reception telling me to get the fuck out I gather my belongings and head downstairs to check out. I take a motorbike to Soi 2 for check in and I head to the new loom for make relax. I lay on the bed for about 1 minute and am almost ready to choke the living shit out of every Thai person in Pattaya. No remote…one of those fucking nightstand remote things. No room service menu. Not even a fucking flier about the hotel with any info. I search the room and find nothing. I head downstairs and ask if they have room service. They say they don’t because they have a restaurant next door. I look out the door and see the Sabai something restaurant. LOL…then I ask if this is the Welkom Inn (I already know the answer). They inform me that it is in fact the Sabain Inn. Jesus fucking christ…fuck me. note – I hadn’t even started drinking when I made the reservation the night before

Turns out he Welkom Inn is next door…but, the sign is pretty shady. So I get a refund and check in the the Welkom Inn finally. By the way, the Welkom Inn doesn’t have online reservations…come on guys. I like the room, I stay, then I sleep…for long long time. I go out finally around 10 PM. I start off slowly with some Tigers on Soi 2 then head to Walking st for some gogo puss. I stop at Beavers for a drink or two. I talk with a sexy bird for a bit, but didn’t really feel a vibe so I moved on. The next stop was at a gogo in the Shark complex. I only stayed for a bit, but talked to a service girl who knew me from before. I was amazed she knew my name and confused at first. I thought she had met me before at that bar…turns out she used to work at the Kitten club and I had barfined her one night.

Next I stopped in next door to another place and got a little stinky finger from 2 chicks. I offered ST for 500 each, but they wanted 1000. I let them know that this is Pattaya not BKK. I left a bit later and went to another place. I wish I could remember the name because the place is fucking grand. It’s opposite Insomnia gentleman’s club. I had 3 girls jumping all over me as soon as I walked in. I felt like a pig in shit. Very soon after I let then know that I’d barfine if the bar took credit cards. They said yes, but unfortunately they didn’t. I’d go back tonight, but can’t…you’ll find out later.

Next I went to SuperBaby for 1 drink. Second time I’ve been and it sucked as much as it did the first time. All the chicks look very bored and all they do is the BKK shuffle.

Last stop on WS was at some bar that I can’t remember the name of. I talked to some dude from England I think for a bit who used to live in the US. Also, former FLB mamasan Jaem worked there and we talked a bit also. Later I grabbed a taxi for Soi Buakhao.

I drank and played pool a bit then headed back to Soi 2. I stopped at some bar…I think maybe Tropicana and had a few drinks with some ladies. When I’m ready to check bin I realize that I don’t have my wallet. WTF! The lady I was talking to ends up paying for the drinks and her barfine. I proceed to try to track down said wallet. I go back to the bar on Soi Buakhao, but of course the fat bitch that manages the place doesn’t know anything about it. I’m pretty pissed and decide to just go back to the room and fix things later today.


I’m woken up by the lady and call the manager of Classroom 2 and Honeypot for advice. He talks to the lady a bit and tells me to go to her bar today at 6 PM so that the manager can review the bar video camera with me. So that’s about it for today. I’m waiting for that and later have a pool tournament to attend. I had a bit of US dollars that I exchanged, so now will be living like a Thai. I talked to the bank and they have blocked the card, but can’t send another for 2-3 weeks. I’m awaiting a call from home to see how long it would take for UPS to ship it if I have the card delivered home.

Meanwhile I have 742 hours of internet time from Sunshine Vista because the promised free wifi of Welkom Inn is non existent.

All in all thought I’m not too worried. I welcome shit like this sometimes because it changes the scene a bit 😛 I just wish I had enough cash to party with.


Almost forgot…I went into Lucifers to check out the scene last night. I gave a chick who was eye fucking me a shot of tequila. She fucking puked everywhere after she downed it…I rolled out, gross.

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