Should I Tip While I’m In Thailand?

To tip or not to tip. That is the question in Thailand. As for the answer, it’s the same answer to many questions a foreigner might have while in Thailand. “Up to you”

Traditionally, there is no tipping. Western tourists have brought the custom to Thailand with them. Now the Thais, enterprising bunch that they are, of course try to get as much of a tip out of tourists and as often as possible. 5 baht here, 10 baht there. You’ll receive the occasional dirty look depending on where you are if you skimp on the tip.

On the other side though, if you are paying in an establishment usually frequented exclusively by Thais, you will not be expected to tip. Also, if you know that a restaurant for example already applies a %10 service charge…well, there’s the tip right there.

I’d like to mention thought that every time I’ve been with Thai friends they will tip the staff, so perhaps it is the thing to do nowadays.

In the end, it’s your money to do with what you please. You’ll still be treated friendly no matter if you tip or not.

I thought this was a bit funny…tip box in a dental clinic.

thai tip box

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