California Wow Review

Figured I’d talk a bit about my current experience.

So since I’ve been turning into a fatbody lately (I actually used to be very fit believe it or not) I decided that I need a personal trainer to kick my ass into shape and make sure I’m doing what I need to do.

I can’t be bothered to do it on my own because I let myself get away with not doing anything…all the time.

So…I’m not even actually a California Wow member, but just hiring the personal trainer. His name is Deuce. He holds a Thai/US citizenship and was raised in the US and is a pretty cool guy. He also knows loads of fitness info and has been really helpful so far.

I’m also on sort of a quick start diet. It’s call the diet and you can find out about it by just googling “fat burning soup“. It’s supposed to be able to drop up to 7kg off of you within the first week.

I’ll update later on my progress, but all I can tell you now is that my body’s so sore I can barely move and I love the fbs diet so far.

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