Pattaya First Timer

Finally I take taxi down to Pattaya and got a room at on soi 13.

Soi 13 to me was a pretty good central location…once again though, I wouldn’t stat at the Sandy again…not that it’s that bad, I want something different.

Went to the first thing.  Sat down, got a drink…talked to Mama Jaem.  She seemed to me like a good mamasan.  Cheerful, playful…good at getting drinks from customers.  She’s officially my 2nd fav mamasan of all time 😛

She brought Ming over and we started getting along great from the start.  The only thing I didn’t like was her “…because me sexy lady…” thrown in from time to time.  I think she liked me a bit more though because I don’t play that crap…not in the U.S. and sure as hell not in Thailand…too many good looking chicks to have to put up with a diva…it was ok though, I liked her, she had some spunk in her.  Paid the BF and headed off to play some pool, drink, dance…went to , , and .  Didn’t stay long in any of them due to the outlandish drink prices…she was amazed…she told me that she gets drinks much cheaper when she goes alone…I didn’t doubt her.

Oh, forgot…we had a quickie at the hotel before going out…then afterwards had a few more…she was a machine…and extremely tight too. Next day paid her to leave and she told me that the best thing to do was go to the disco late at night and pick up the girls BF free and throw ’em 1000 THB LT.  I already had this idea, but what a sweetheart.  I told her thanks and bye…butterfly must fly.

The next night was the FLB bar crawl to soi Diana.  Wow! This has to be the best idea that I’ve seen on any board yet.  Especially for first timers.  I get there…was informed from David where the sign in board was(I’m a bit dense) and said hi to Ming.  Had a few slices of good pizza and we were off.  I ended up having a great time…wish I would’ve brought my camera…I don’t think I did at least…no pics. Met David, Greg, Tony, Tortur…didn’t really talk to Martin, Adam, or the other guys too much, but everybody seemed to be good people and we all had a good time.  I really do appreciate the effort that’s put into these…Adam, Martin…thanks.  I pretty much just sat back and watched…talked to a few girls, but I was waiting the night out to pick me up a freelancer.

Found one at Lucifer’s and back to the hotel.  This chick was great.  She did anything I asked and was breaking her back to get me off…as I had a bit too many that night.  The next morning was just as good.  She ended up being older than I thought she was at the nightclub…go figure…but she was good enough that I called her up for a ST later in the trip.  I think she called herself Sophia

The next night was a party night at FLB…good times, good food.  Ming wanted to go with me again…I said ok, but she better win me that 5000 THB prize money 😛 she got second place…we were going to go dancing with Greg, Tortur, and their ladies, but Ming was a bit tipsy and taking too long to get ready.  I rolled out, played some pool at the Hot Tuna and cooled off a bit.  Came back to FLB later and brought Ming back again.  “One more?” I think that was her most used phrase the entire time…she couldn’t get enough.

The next night was just a drinking, pool, and bargirl night.  The girl didn’t have the best English skills, but she was aiming to please in the bedroom.  Can’t remember her name.

Another night was spent with a 6/10 that was laid back and spoke good English.  We shot some pool…headed to the hotel for some great sex.  She had great tits and liked it in the ass.  Once again…had to give her some baht to give her the hint.

Spent the last few days with Ming, checked out Pattaya…I had wanted to go south and check out the islands, but I’m a lazy bastard and didn’t mind staying in Pattaya.  Plus I had some nice company 🙂

I decided that I’d probably never come back to Thailand while in BKK, however this idea was just a fleeting memory after my first few days in Pattaya.  I hope to make it back maybe Sep or Oct with a few friends.

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