First Time in Thailand – Trip 1

Ok…just gonna try and keep it short and sweet.

Flew with Emirates into BKK. Hotel taxi was included with reservation at the .

GP Hotel wasn’t quite what I expected…they never are though. I was in tower 3…the place was ok, but I’ll never go there again…that’s IF I ever stay in BKK again.

Ok…walked around Suk rd (Sukhumvit) a bit and bought something to drink back at the hotel(I’m a boozer and hadn’t had a drink in 5 months). Ended up heading for (Nana Entertainment Plaza)…played some pool at and took back one of the girls a few hours later. I never tried to negotiate the price during my whole trip. I just always found one I clicked with and took it from there.

This girl was about a 6.5-7 out of 10…had a few rounds that night, and a few the next morning. I always ended up having to pay them to leave…good thing? bad thing?…not sure, they just always wanted to stick around.

So I pretty much just walked around Suk again the 2nd day…went to some go-go on soi7, picked up a girl for ST. I was going to take her dancing(me likey), but the taxi driver took us to the “” club instead of the “” club. The whole time I was trying to tell him the way to Spice…falang got ignored…we get to “Spicy”…I just tell him to get us back to the hotel. He wanted 200 THB for the trip, but I just smiled and pointed to the 80 on his meter. The girl had a great body…not the best lay though. Sent her off after busting and showering and back on the trail.

I finally did go the “Spice” club. I met my favorite girl of the trip…I actually had more fun in the discos with the freelancers than any of the bar girls. We got along pretty good and she spoke decent English. Name…Jenny

I stayed in BKK for 6 days…way too long. I BF’d another girl from a beer bar down the road past NEP. I was pretty drunk, playing pool…she was a 5-6 out of 10, but had an awesome attitude…I said fuck it and took her back to the room. Good sex, good times…just another night in LOS.

One of the afternoons there was spent in the . It was ok I guess…I wasn’t in the best mood though and I know I can come off as a dick sometimes. The girls were sweet and professional though. I could see how some might have a great time there…I just wanted to relax though. Busted twice…so I guess it wasn’t that bad.

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