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Usually how much does a Thai bar girl charge per night at bangkok and Pattaya?

February 28th, 2010 · 30 Comments · Pattaya Bar Girls

roughtly the price in Baht

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  • Ben Dover

    I wouldn’t know.

  • Chris W

    3 or 4 STDs I’d imagine. She might even thrown in HIV.
    Have fun and remember to bring some bandages to wrap up your crusty, weeping, fungus riddled knob for the return home.

  • lestermount

    They will ask for much more than they are willing to take.
    Offer half their asking price and you can usually get one for $35.00 U.S.

  • lassengo

    around 3 US dollars and another 2 dollars for a condom.

  • Botsakis G

    The girl will usually charge between Baht 1,000 to 1,500 which you have to pay directly to her (you have to negotiate with the girl for this). However in addition, you need to pay a separate fee (bar-fine) which you have to pay to the establishment where she works (usually Baht 500), so that you can take-out the girl from the bar during her working hours (usually 6:00pm to 01:00am).

  • jonny w

    you need to team up with eddie L and go and have a good time on the town!

  • Khun Bob

    Kuan E and Edward must be twins or are they the same person? I haven’t been to a girlie bar in years. At one time it was about 100 baht for the night, but that was long ago.

  • Negeshia

    Pattaya 1000 baht and the bar fine. Bangkok 3000 and the freelancers 4000 but you can negotiate especially with the economy as it is.

    I agree with some of the answers below. The prices for short term are lower than all night and the price may have come down somewhat. As for hope you get aids, just because you know the price doesn’t mean you have been there. I know a honda wave is about 35,000 but I don’t own one. Hope you get a life.

  • Delauria

    As much as he can squeezed from you! So, you better watch out!

  • Bruno J

    Bangkok is for tourists, the girls are 3 times the price.

    Pattaya is much cheaper and friendlier, the girls are more “country site” and not as hardened as in Bangkok.

    The rate for all night long is 1000 baht + 300 barfine if from a bar. Freelancers no bar fine.

    It’s not to hard to bargaing them down to 700 and 500 is even possible.

    If you come to Pattaya I’ll let you know the cheapest spots with the prettiest girls …:)

    • Jayesh

      I will be their in coming time.

    • suresh

      hey me going to bangkok, pattaya can u suggest me cheapest spot

    • Luigi


      I’ll be arriving in Pattaya on the 18th of January and staying for 23 days and would appreciate any help you can give me since you seem to know your way around.

      Also, on the “other” reason why I’m heading to Pattaya, if you know anyone that golfs and wouldn’t mind me joining their group I hope to play 3-5 times while there; maybe more.

    • asim gi

      can u tell me the best places to get pretty girls in pattaya

    • Jason

      Im a 1st timer.. I usually make my Asian tour to Philippines.. I have a house and car there.. But as I was younger I always wanted to check out Thailand .. Finally my bday is in sept.. And I be in pattaya.. Bilabong hotel .. Wat can expect!! Watchin YouTube. Vids on pattaya.. Wow looks like its my kind of place to spend my bday.. Where do I go to find the hotties? And what bars or clubs do I go.. And stay away frm.. Any info will be appreciated.. Thnks so much.. Jman

      • PPunter

        If you’re staying at the Bilabong just go across the soi to Lolitas, you’ll like it I’m sure. Also, just walk around the area and find out what you like. I believe the owner’s name at the BBong is Mark…ask him. Tall blonde fellow, not sure about the name. He can give you some pointers.

  • gavin S

    You have had some very bad answers to a very bad question.
    Personally I would never ask a lady “how much”, It’s so rude. but usually If you meet the lady in a bar where she “works there will be a “bar fine ” of about 400 Baht of which she might get 25% the rest is up to you . When I was in that position I would descreatly put a 1000 Baht note in or near her purse, so she doesnt have to be in the undignified position of asking you to pay.

  • who eats Thai

    dude you are down in confidence why would you ask that??? maybe you might meet a lass that like’s ya and that wont cost ya a red cent,
    Then again if ya after a good time 1000 baht is all I would reckon plus drinks

  • Edward L


  • visualthailand

    Here is the current 2009 Pricing

    150 baht each for ladies drinks which you will need to buy a couple to meet her

    Bar fines between 600 and 800 baht, paid directly to the bar so she can leave the bar with you

    Bangkok pricing for the girls is up around 1500-2000 for short time and maybe 3000 to 4000 baht for all night.

    Prices are a little cheaper in Pattaya

    Due to the rush of Japanese and Korean’s to the go-go bars in Bangkok, the girls now know they can charge alot more than they use to.

    It’s all about the money and they don’t care if you look like Brad Pitt, they want the customer that pays the most money and this is usually the Japanese and the Koreans.

    Go to any high end go-go bar like the Shark Bar or Bacarra in Soi Cowboy and you will think you landed in Japan and not Thailand.

    Nana Plaza go-go’s are all suffering from a lack of customers so you might get better pricing there than at Soi Cowboy.

    However Nana is averaging 140 baht for a beer and that may be a factor driving everyone away.

    You can always go over the Beer Garden on Sukhumvit Soi 7 and pick up a free-lancer (girl who works outside of the bar on her own) for much less. Or course they will be not any where near as good looking as the girls in the go-go bars.

  • Joe L

    1200 BHT is average going rate right now at beer bars in bangkok, near nana.

    Low as 800 for not so pretty lady, or early (6pm) or late (1am) when their business is slow.

    2000 BHT will get you a very pretty lady.

    If you go to a club / lady bar then you will need to pay 300-500 BHT to the bar owner to take the girl. If you find her on the street or in a beer bar then there is no barfine.

    I have not been to Pattaya but I did go to Phuket and prices were about the same as Bangkok, so I would assume similar in Pattaya.

    • Johnno

      visited BKK in late summer 2008 and again in Spring 2009, Planning on going back in the next couple of weeks

      Prices in BKK Tduring this time for everything, + the exchange rate is was not as favourable,

      Times seem quite hard for the industry, maybe too many girls and not enough punters, When I first visited a “Lady Drink” was cheap maybe 100baht tops because the girls were happy just to drink coke and chat, Now they have a taste for imported beers like corona, that can set you back 300 baht a bottle in places like DeJa Vu or Shark Bar on cowboy, (If i convert that back to GBP that is almost £6 a beer) you would not pay that in central london.

      Bar fines for the girls have remained stable approx 600 Baht. and then you will negotiate your own price with the girl. This can be from zero baht up to several thousand. Depends on the girl and in theory how much she likes you. I was lucky enough to meet one bargirl who told me to meet her in a club (spicey for those who know BKK) after hours and we had a great night, a few drinks and spent the night together. She did not want any money, popped in to see her at work the next night and she asked me to sign her out and said she wold pay me back, True to her word she did. I stress this is exceptionally lucky and will probably never happen to me again, The reverse side is a friend of mine who did not negotiate a price before he ‘entered into the contract’ and the girl demanded several thousand, He had no choice but to pay. Just look out for yourself, You would not buy a product in a shop without a price tag on it.

      Anyway, anywhere between 1000-2000 baht for the night is the norm, Maybe less for a freelancer, particually if it is late. Guys there for the first time, Ladyboys will not tell you they are ‘Katoeys’, so if unsure and that is not your bag, probably best leave it. alot of the girls are choosing to work in the industry to support their family and often children in a village up country, Like footballers, the girls have a limited shelf life so are there to make money. Having stayed with a bar girl for a few days at her place, They do not live lavish lifestyles. Normally a one room + shower room flat that they often share with a girlfriend & a kitchen on a balcony. Most there money is sent home so although no one wants to be ripped off, What is an extra 200 Baht

      Should probably finish without sounding like an absolute sex tourist. Thailand is a great place with alot to offer, It is famous for the bars and girls, but take time to look beyond this, Thai’s are really friendly people and have a very family orientated culture.

  • Thailand Tourist

    I paid 1000 baht for a beer bar girl in Bangkok till the next morning. In Pattaya it was 3000 for two Thai Girls a night.

  • Aussie John

    Depends on what you look like! Last year, I paid 1500-3000 for ‘top shelf’ ladies in Soi Cowboy (plus 500 barfine.) I was quite pale and skinny then.

    I have put on some weight since and now dress alot better… Just flew out again yesterday, there for two nights, one girl each night – both gorgeous.. Funny thing is that neither asked for payment despite the fact that I told them I was leaving the next day and there was no possibility of extended relationship. They both chose me at the bar and I did buy each a room service meal.

    Does this seem strange to others? Im a bit confused by it all, they were both happy when I dropped them home the next morning (ie; neither were pissed off about not getting paid)

  • Khan

    give me some tips as well as i am going there in november :)

  • marcus

    can any aussie blokes give me some information of does and donts with the girls email me

  • Me

    I spent 4 months in pattaya back in 2010 and I usually paid 1000 bath for a girl for a night, but I never tried to bargain. Around 300 for bar fine, and 500 for a simple hotel room just for the fuck. I never took any girl to my “main” hotel, which was 700 per night, but I got a deal for 12000 per month + electicity which I believe was around 1500. It had a nice pool and was close to central.

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