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JP Bar Crackhead

December 23rd, 2010 · 2 Comments · Pattaya Bar Girls, Pattaya Nightlife, pattaya pics, Trip Report, Trip Report 9

So…I ended up in JP Bar about 2 nights ago. Sometimes happens…I usually regret it once I wake up because it inevitably means I’ll have a massive throbbing hangover. Well…this time I met a friend of a friend and took her back to my place.

Not quite that easy though because we got stopped by the BiB before we hit Second rd. She didn’t have a helmet so of course I get a ticket. He held on to my international drivers license to make sure I took care of the ticket. Went down to the police station on Soi 9 and ended up having to pay 400baht. Returned to get my ID and then it was off to the room. Dipped into a food shop nearby for spicy stuff and chicken…I guess, she ordered and we took it back to the room. I’d say it was around 8 or 9am by the time we got back to my room.

Next thing I know I’m waking up at 7pm feeling like shit. Felt an arm around me and remembered I’d brought her back with me. Cool, so I start doing a little probing to see if she’s up and up for it. Just get a few lazy groans because she’s still out like fucking Ricky Hatton.

To bring this story to a close I went back to sleep and finally got up around 1am. She’s been sleeping the entire time. Only gets up long enough to eat and pass out again. Quality visitor to be sure!

So I’m needing to leave soon for school today and nudge her and tell her I’m leaving and she needs to go. She starts in with the “where’s my money bit?” and I’m like WTF are you talking about because all you’ve done is eat my food, sleep in my bed, and cost me 400baht for the ticket. I tell her I’ll give her a 100 for a taxi and her voice raises a few octaves and she starts getting really hissy. She says she needs at least 1,000, but deserves from 2-3k. I ask for what and she claims “my time”. Mother fucker please…never had this shit happen to me before in Patts and am pissed off. I pull out what’s in my pocket which is about 700 and tell her to get the fuck out of the room. She’s about to cry and still bitching, so I call downstairs and tell the hotel ladies to call the cops because this bitch doesn’t want to leave. “No problem” they say (my girls down there always take care of me good) and I go back to watching tv.

She starts yakking away on her mobile and is just sitting there. Fuck it…I make it an even 1,000 and tell her to fuck off. Then the bitch says “what about for taxi?”. Wow…crazy. I figure that in the end it will probably be easier if I just top it off and get her the fuck out of my room for $32 or so then have to go through the deal with the cops so I give her an extra 40baht for a taxi.

I believe that I should have let the cops come and told them the deal. I’m sure they would have been on my side, but then again I figure to just avoid all of it and have her away from here. Just avoid her in the future and don’t be such a retard next time.

Anyway, here’s the name and shame

JP Bar Crackhead – Annie
No – 0872223106
Location – JP Bar most nights

Avoid her at all costs

JP Bar Crackhead

JP Bar Crackhead


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