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In Pattaya Thailand ,do the working bar girls that leave the bar with a nice looking man actually have fun?

May 2nd, 2010 · 10 Comments · Pattaya Bar Girls

By the way ,why is No and Crybaby Bob always fighting?
you two are funny.

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  • No

    I think you would have to ask the bar girls this type of question. Doubt any of them answer questions here. However, maybe crybaby can ask his better half this question and give us some insight.

    Oh yes, I get a big laugh here reading his replies. I love it.

  • anyamanee

    the better looking they are the easier they are to fool, b/c they have bigger egos. yeah it’s fun to make money!

  • spanky

    I would say that if you have fun, they will have fun – Thai people in general like people who smile, laugh easily, don’t get cranky or angry – so, it is going to be rather individual really – many don’t like the young handsome man – too much ego, think they should be getting it for nothing – –

    I bet if you tip really well, you well get a better response than some handsome stud who thinks he should be getting it for free…

    For the guy, sex is more fun than money – for the girl, money is more fun than sex…

    and personality counts – even in the West – Just remember, Lee IaCoca was voted sexiest man of the year when he turned around Chrysler – put him on the production line and he can’t get a date on Saturday night, even if he is married… there are lots of ways a guy can be sexy – $$ works pretty well.

    I thought No & Crybaby were the same person?? as well as several others – and they usually have the best answers!!

  • geomark

    Does anybody really care? You’re talking about the bottom of the barrel of all cultures.

  • xs

    yes they do have fun. If Thais don’t have fun they do not do stuff. It sure is more than than working 12 hours a day in a rice paddy for one dollar…What would you do? The rural Thais are some of the poorest people in the world thanks to oppressive regimes, military coups and a non elected all powerful cynical king. Democracy activists are routinely killed.

  • Hatless in Seattle

    having returned from Thailand yesterday…i would say that they don’t have fun & they don’t care…money is all they care about….and they charge £100 to spend the night with tourists of all ages….the bar working girls there are morally bankrupt – they will do anything for money. saw it with our own eyes!!

  • scottie322

    We know plenty of Pattaya Bar Girls and most of them are funny and good fun and good friends.
    If a good man with a good heart treats his lady with respect, smiles and wants to have a laugh then the ladies will respond in kind.
    As for No and Crybaby Bob I always find their comments interesting and very funny and I love the banter – I am sure its all in good fun and hope it continues.

  • Crybaby Bob

    Some do some don’t.

    Since you asked just a little of the background of Khun Bob/No/Negeshia/African Farmer/Ice Cube and several others. I’m definitely not that guy.

    I kinda feel sorry for him because having five avatars at the top of the Yahoo answers Thai travel board is the highlight of his life.

  • Gman

    It depends on the girl and the guy.

  • Gee

    It totally depends on the situation between the couple. Some couples will get along really well and the lady will be happy to spend the night with him, especially if he is generous, kind and funny. On the other hand, some women will know that the guy is a total creep or an a**hole, but as the saying goes in Thailand “NO money = NO honey”

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