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How much will a holiday to Thailand be over christmas time?

May 1st, 2010 · 7 Comments · Thailand Information

Me and my family want to go to Thailand for Chrismas – how much will a holiday be roughly all inc?


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  • the3rdtom

    I’m not trying to dance around your question but:

    Back in the 70’s the Government deregulated airline fares. Which means they can change by the hour (if they want). Now, looking at the countries financial state of being nobody can forcast any cost for “anything”.

    When I worked for Trans World Airlines International reservations department (for 25 years), I would recommend my :”shopper” calls to call as many airlines as possible. Get the price for your trip (for right-now-this-second)… order tickets (to lock in the fare).

    It’s a very difficult thing to keep calling around to get the best price.

    2nd problem – Wait too long and the flight may be sold out of discount tickets (because the public does not know that the airlines can limit the amount of discount seats on every flight). I’ve seen flights going 15 minutes apart to the same city that were a different price !!

    3rd situation. You want to get your seat assignment as early as 1 year (less a few days) BEFORE everybody else. You want forward clear of the wing and no where near the bathroom or kitchen.

    I’m afraid the only way to lock-in your seat assignment is by having it printed on the ticket.

  • gordon69_scot

    No one can really say what the economic situation will be like come the later part of 2009. Oil prices could be anywhere. In general hotel prices will be a bit higher at xmas and woud expect flights to be at peak period prices. Out of the peak periods, accomadation can be found in Thailand for about 200 pounds a month at lower grade hotels. Condos can be found for 180 pounds upwards.

  • trevor s

    just to give you a little clue myself and my partner flew with emirates via dubai, then did the golden triangle tour, that is two nights in a hotel in bangkok, then five nights touring with five nights full board, with a driver and a tour guide, stopping in three different hotels. we then added five nights in pattaya beach onto the end of the tour this involved a internal flight from chang mai to bangkok, and five nights bed and breakfast in pattaya, we flew out on 20 dec 08 flew back on 3 jan 09. total cost of holiday with kuoni travel was £4,700 plus spending money

  • Mark .

    Uk family ?
    Tickets are £500 per person not sure for children
    I would book asap check your dates on and when you see your price range Get your tickets Its always high I ahve this probelm every year and wait and wait then it goes up
    Budget per person £20 per person food drinks travel taxis etc
    Hotels look at Put your budget per night and area that will give you the overall prices
    WHat you do and where you want to go in that time will plus your budget Its not that cheap and exchange rate is bad now
    Email me
    if you need help later there are a lot of nice people who live there in this forum and just pop your questions here and read what people are asking also

  • josflachs

    Nobody will know. Unless they got a crystal ball…

    Generally speaking Dec-Jan are the peak months for tourism to Thailand. Prices are the highest in that period peaking at Christmas and New Year. (Many hotels have compulsory gala dinners.)

    But other factors play an important role too: when the ‘canaries’ occupied the airport, it killed the entire season. Many hotels had 20% or less occupancy. If the dollar or Euro would dip a lot, it would influence things considerably. Currently there is an economic crisis. Might result in people not traveling. That’s excluding Bin Laden and his Al Quackies performing somewhere.

    In other words: nobody knows for sure.

  • khunB

    I would say it depends on your budget.

    In Thailand you can live very cheaply and you can spend a fortune.

    Hotels, Apartment and Condos come in many different sizes, locations, qualities and of course price ranges.

    Work it backwards. How much do you have to spend?…. and then do your research..

    How many family members are in your family?

    Where in Thailand are you planning to go?

    Once you know all these things your question may be answered more accurately.

  • Richard W

    iv just come back from this christmas. i was there for a month and spent £600. This included everything apart from flights. i also did buy loads of presents and traveled thousands of miles around thailand. The main cost is probably drink. i thought it would be very cheap for drink (10p a Beer for example) but it ended up being about £3 for a beer. That was bad seeing as i was paying £3 for my room that night.
    Top Tip – haggle with everything you want to buy. Tuk Tuks you must haggle otherwise they will take Alot of money off you. don’t pay more then 150baht for one.

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