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United Nations Says Thai Military’s Powers Must Be Suspended

May 15th, 2016 · No Comments · Thailand News

Pattaya One Media Group –

The United Nations said Friday (22nd April) that Thailand’s military government must suspend laws giving soldiers power in policy making and law enforcement, as well as open space for debate over a proposed constitution.

UN High Commissioner for Human Rights Zeid Ra’ad Al Hussein said he was concerned that there would be an increased crackdown on criticism ahead of the Aug. 7 referendum on the junta-drafted charter. The junta, which seized power in a May 2014 coup, has warned that anyone campaigning against the draft could face 10 years in prison.

“An open and dynamic public debate on the draft constitution would foster national unity, strengthen the legitimacy and acceptance of the constitution and provide a sense of collective ownership,” Zeid said in a statement. “I urge the government to actively encourage, rather than discourage, dialogue and engagement on the draft.”

The draft was written by a committee hand-picked by the junta and has been denounced by both of Thailand’s major political parties, who warn it is undemocratic and would prolong the military’s presence in politics. The UN said the draft “institutionalizes the role of the military in policy making and law enforcement.”

“Extending the military’s powers is not the answer to rebuilding Thailand’s political landscape,” Zeid said. “On the contrary, Thailand has competent civilian institutions and should be looking to strengthen the rule of law and good governance, not undermine it.”

Election Threatened

Junta leader Mt. Prayuth Chan-Ocha warned Thursday that protests and dissent could endanger the referendum and a future election. The junta has repeatedly pushed back the date for possible elections, with the latest timeline calling for polls in late 2017.

Mr. Prayuth also brushed off international concern about the detention of critics, saying he would send a letter to diplomats explaining Thailand’s current situation. Thailand’s foreign ministry sent media a document Friday, restating the government’s talking points that it was working to reform the country and lay the foundation for a return to democracy.

The ministry said “public order and social harmony” were needed if the government were to complete its work and that’s why it had enacted various laws.

“These laws do not impinge on general freedom of expression –- which we believe to be a fundamental element of a democratic society -– as long as such expression does not undermine public order and social harmony,” it said. “In fact, the government has been receptive to all views regarding the current process of reconciliation and reform.”


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Visiting Thailand in April

April 4th, 2016 · No Comments · Thailand Events, Thailand News, Thailand Stuff

Thaizer – Thailand news, tips & advice

April in Thailand sees the country in the middle of summer with hot weather wherever you go. Although temperatures are high, Thailand is well-adapted to deal with the heat and visitors will be thankful for air-conditioning in hotel rooms, taxis and shopping malls. April also brings the perfect way to cool down thanks to the Songkran Thai New Year Water Festival. The biggest holiday of the year in Thailand is celebrated with great enthusiasm as people pour water over each other as a way of wishing good luck for the year ahead.

celebrating Songkran in Chiang Mai

Thailand weather in April

April can bring extremely high temperatures throughout Thailand, particularly in the north and north-east of the country. With summer temperatures often nudging 40°C (104°F) it makes sense to try to plan any activities and sightseeing for the morning or late afternoon wherever possible. The April heat and humidity in Thailand can be draining and visitors should drink plenty of bottled water to keep hydrated.

Location Average Minimum
Temp. (°C)
Average Maximum
Temp. (°C)
Average Rainfall
Bangkok 25 35 72
Chiang Mai 22 36 45
Ko Samui 26 32 86
Krabi 25 34 120
Pattaya 26 33 67
Phuket 24 33 157

Some provinces in the north of Thailand can see localised haze and smog in early April although the worst is usually over in March

Which is the best Thai island or beach resort to visit in April?

With April being hot season in Thailand, whichever beach resort or island you choose you can expect plenty of blue skies and sunshine. Showers and summer storms can occur anywhere in Thailand during April, but they tend to be over quickly. Prolonged periods of rainfall and rough seas aren’t the norm in April and boat services run as usual throughout the month. There is no major difference in weather from one coast to the other so choose whichever island or beach takes your fancy. Although average rainfall during April is slightly higher on Thailand’s Andaman Coast (e.g. Krabi, Phuket) compared to the Gulf Coast and the Eastern Seaboard, the amounts are still low.

April events & festivals

Thailand commemorates the founding of the royal Chakri dynasty with Chakri Day on April 6 a public holiday. The biggest and most widely anticipated holiday of the year is the Songkran Thai New Year Water Festival. Official dates of the holiday are from April 13-15, but water throwing often starts a day or two earlier in a number of locations. There are also some regional variations (such as Chonburi) which sees events such as the Wan Lai Festival celebrated on different dates.

Many Thai people working in Bangkok return home for the extended Songkran holiday. Buses, trains and planes heading out of Bangkok to the north and north-east of Thailand tend to be extra busy for Songkran. There are also some destinations such as Chiang Mai which are extremely popular with overseas and Thai tourists heading to the city to celebrate the Thai New Year Water Festival. It’s advisable to book Songkran transport and accommodation well in advance, especially if you are heading from Bangkok to the north or north-east of Thailand.

Poy Sang Long is a colourful festival celebrated by the Shan (Tai Yai) people in north and north-west Thailand. Young boys being prepared to be ordained as Buddhist monks are dressed like princes just as the Buddha was in his youth and carried on the shoulders of older relatives. Poy Sang Long takes place in various locations around northern Thailand during March and April. The most famous place to witness Poy Sang Long in Thailand is in Mae Hong Son with the event celebrated over a three-day period on the first weekend in April.

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Imani Zubeh – Book Him for Your Thai Club

March 20th, 2011 · No Comments · Thailand News

Check this guy out if you’re looking to find some different music for your venue. He specializes in piano bar type entertainment and would probably fit well somewhere in Bangkok, Phuket, or Pattaya. He’s currently living and working in Japan, but looking to get some bookings in Thailand. He’s got some snazzy tunes that would […]

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