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Unknown Pattaya Man Dies On The Street

May 15th, 2016 · No Comments · Pattaya News

Pattaya One Media Group –

A man was seen walking up and down the street when he suddenly collapsed and died.

At 6pm on Wednesday 4th of May, Pol Capt. Chakkrit Chantakam – Sub Inspector Inquiry Pattaya Police Station was informed of an unconscious man in the front of Chef Chemi and Packaging shop located at 47/17-19 Pattaya Klang Road. Sawanboriboon Foundation Rescuers were also dispatched and rushed to the scene.

Ten rescue workers tried diligently to revive the man by doing CPR on him for over 10 minutes, but sadly they could not save his life.

The man had no identification documents of any kind on his body, only had 40 baht in his pant’s pocket.

He was wearing a white collar shirt and black trousers.

Police interviewed passersby and the shop owner in which they stated that they have never seen the man before or had any information about him. They only saw the man that day walking up and down the street. As he came back to the Chef Chemi and Packaging shop, they witnessed him lose consciousness during a coughing fit.

Sawangboriboon Foundation Rescuers will send the body to Banglamung Hospital and try to find his family accordingly


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Knife Fight Between Kuwaitis Rocks Pattaya City Beer Bar

May 15th, 2016 · No Comments · Pattaya News, Pattaya Nightlife

Pattaya One Media Group –

At 4am on the morning of Saturday 7th May Pattaya Police Deputy Inspector Temtrong Rodsiri received reports of incident at a beer bar behind the Marina Plaza Hotel, in south Pattaya, that had led to two serious injuries.

Early reports suggest that twenty-nine year old Mr Ahmad Eha & Mr Sami Joha, also twenty-nine years of age, and both men Kuwaiti Nationals, were taken by Sawangboriboon Rescue Volunteers to Pattaya Memorial Hospital suffering serious knife wounds.

Mr Ahmad Eha had been stabbed in the right arm and in both legs. Upon arrival he needed to be revived by medics using a defibrillator machine. His compatriot Mr Joha had received a nasty stab wound to his left ear and also required urgent medical assistance.

A witness to the incident, Mr Sukrin Khaokokgroad a twenty-six year old cashier at the venue, explained to investigators that the two men had been involved in a heated argument with other Kuwaiti nationals only days earlier but there had been no violence that time. However, following another altercation, on the second occasion, knives were produced and the men fought in front of many witnesses.

The police initially detained all four men although later released two of them into the care of the medical volunteers and will now make further inquiries pending the men’s recovery from their injuries.

Meanwhile the venue in question which, for now, remains un-named claims to be assessing its security arrangements in an effort to make it more safe for tourists and are reviewing CCTV to identify how the men were able to enter the area with knives in the first place.

Translation and story by Albert Jack

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Prestige Car’s Airbag Suddenly Explodes While Parked

May 15th, 2016 · No Comments · Pattaya News

Pattaya One Media Group –

At 4pm on 8 May Pol Capt. Nakornrach Nonsrilad – Sub Inspector at Pattaya Police Station, Chonburi, was informed of the luxury car’s airbag suddenly inflating and causing the windscreen to shatter. However, the car was parked at the time in the K.T.T Regent Suite at Soi 12, Central Pattaya, and nobody was injured.

At the scene a silver Mercedes Benz with Bangkok license plates was discovered with a broken windscreen and with the inflated airbag inside. The hotel security guard informed police that the owner of the car had checked into the hotel at around midnight of 7th May and parked his car in the basement. The following afternoon he heard a muffled blast and raced into the car park to investigate.

The blast sound appeared to happen for no reason and so he informed the owner and the police were called. The security guard also confirmed that nobody had been in the basement parking area at the time and there seemed to have been no attempted theft.

At the police station Pattaya One reporters met the car owner, fifty-one year old Mr. Weerachai Kawinwongpaiboon, an engineer for a Bangkok company, as he made a statement to the police although he declined to make any comment to reporters.

Mercedes engineers have been contacted as such a random inflation could have caused serious injury, or even death, if the car was being driven at the time of the incident.

Story by Albert Jack



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